Make yourself heard!

I was recently asked by an old CIM colleague of mine Rob Gray to contribute to a piece he’d been asked to write for CIMSPA and their S&PA magazine.  I was flattered to be asked and delighted that the piece was published in October 2014.

It’s really a marketing masterclass aimed at the sports sector, and I really hope my former colleagues from CIMSPA and the sports sector found it insightful and useful.

Here it is – Marketing masterclass


Guidance on the use of Gyms by Children

Whilst in my capacity as Business Development Manager at IMSPA in mid 2011 (now CIMSPA)  I was receiving more and more enquiries from Gym operators asking if there was any Industry Guidance  relating to the admission of children into their Gyms. I knew that ISRM (Institute of Sport and Recreation Management) had previously released information notes relating to this, but this was some time ago and  much had changed in terms of appropriate qualifications and safety considerations such as CRB checks that I thought it was time to update this information.

With the support of IMSPA I set up a working group of experts.  The group included representatives from the FIA (Fitness Industry Association now UK Active), REPS (Register of Exercise Professionals), Operators (SLM), Prof Paul Gatley (Leeds Met), SkillsActive and ShoKK a specialist in the provision of Children’s exercise equipment.

In Nov 2011 I chaired a lengthy conference call, and a follow up meeting at the FIA offices in London.  This resulted in a tome of email correspondence, researching, checking and political negotiating.   I am pleased to say that the Guidance was finally published by the FIA in early March 2012.

This is something I am very proud to have been involved with and would like to compliment Pete Wells from the FIA specifically for sticking with it and not being distracted from the task by the explosive political wranglings taking place at the time.

NB The guidance also covers exercise classes and sport specific training within a club environment.

You can view the guidance here

Managing Gym users with suspected health problems: Eating disorders

As Business Development Manager at IMSPA (Institute for the Management of Sports and Physical Activity), part of my role became advising Club Managers and Facility Operators on best practice according to guidance already published.  One of the most prevalent inquiries related to ‘How to manage people coming into their facilities with eating disorders?’, and me not really having any answers.  As a result and through consultation with colleagues in the industry I decided to form a stakeholder group to bring all their knowledge together so that we could issue some meaningful guidance to the industry.

The stakeholders consisted of the FIA (now UK Active), REPS (Register of Exercise Professionals), ABC (an eating disorder charity) and a number of key operators and legal experts.

This information was published by the FIA, IMSPA (Now CIMSPA) and REPS in April 2010 and is in the public domain and therefore not subject to copyright restrictions.

Read the guidance here.