CRB checks and when to use them

In November 2011 the Home Office issued guidance on CRB checks.  This is such an important issue I commissioned this guidance to be issued to the industry in partnership with the FIA.

The guidance was published by IMSPA and FIA in December 2011 and was up to date at the time of going to press.

Read the guidance here.



Vetting and Barring scheme will you be ready?

The Vetting and Barring Scheme (VBS) is overseen by the Home Office, as the facilities managers representative on the steering group, I was witness to many of the complex changes to this scheme.  In this article I give an overview of the scheme and what it will mean to those operating sports facilities in the UK.  The article was published by the ISRM in its journal ‘Recreation’ in August 2009.

Read it here.

Vetting and Barring scheme cross border

Sharing of information is vital to protect the vulnerable members of society.  In this article I provide an explanation of how the vetting and barring scheme will be  implemented coherently across the home nations.  This article was published by the ISRM in their journal ‘Recreation’ in December 2009.

Read it here.