Lifeguard aquittal highlights duty of care

On the 30th July 2002 Danny Phillips an off duty Lifeguard was asked if he would help out.  He agreed.  The rest is history, 30 minutes later 2 boys lay dead on the bottom of the pool.  With Danny’s assistance and that of the Barrister and for the benefit of the industry I wrote an article about the incident and subsequent legal case.  The article was published in the ISRM journal ‘Recreation’ in January 2007.

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Dragons roar to victory

A short article dedicated to the victorious ‘Welsh Dragons’ who won the 2006 National Pool Lifeguard Championships.  The article was published by ISRM in it’s journal ‘Recreation’.

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ISRM helps promote water safety in the Middle East

ISRM helps promote water safety in the Middle East is an article I wrote about the observations I had made while attending the United Arab Emirates Lifeguard Championships as a VIP in 2007.  The article was published by the ISRM in its journal ‘Recreation’ in July 2007.

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