Thetford Winter Series – Round 3 2012

Having recently been made redundant I had enjoyed the freedom for a few weeks of training 5 times a week, with up to 250 km a week being covered, so was really looking forward to the up coming race.

On Sunday morning 500 eager riders lined up on the start line to battle it out for either 2 or 4 hrs.

Even though the temperature was about 2 degrees I soon warmed up, and put in a good first lap of just over 37 mins, with the leaders lapping in about 33 mins.

As the race progressed I tried to work together with my old friend Adam Williams to keep the pace up, this worked for a while but coming towards the end of lap three Adam tailed off to leave me on my own.

I made it to the finish with 3 minutes to spare before the 2 hr barrier came down – this was a relief! However mentally I took my foot off the pedal and with no-one pushing me I started feeling weak, hungry and slow. The result being a last lap 5 minutes slower than the one before.

Slightly disappointed with my 49th position but lessons to learn for next time, fuel up properly, longer training rides (3 hrs plus) and don’t relax on the last lap.

In memory of my old coach Wilf Paish who died on this day in 2010.